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6 Must-Do Fall Camping Activities

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Fall is best spent outdoors. With a great balance of sunlight and cool air, a lot of outdoor activities become even more enjoyable in the fall. Here is a list of some of the best activities that you should definitely try this fall.

6 Must-Do Fall Camping Activities


Mom and daughter hiking through the woods

Due to the cooler weather, hiking is extremely popular in the fall. Without intense mid-day sun beating down on you and an absence of suffocating humidity, fall hiking can be a big relief. Make sure that you dress warm. Fall also means the absence of bugs, which can be very important on a hiking trip. To top it off, the views of Ontario parks in the fall are unmatched. So, if you are going fall camping, try and bring a high-quality camera or at least a phone with a high-resolution camera. You will not want to forget the views.

Bird Watching

Person bird watching through binoculars

The fall season is great for bird watching. It marks the migration period for many species so it is a great opportunity to see a massive variety of birds as they make their way south. Along with spring, fall is the best season for bird watching in Ontario. Make sure that when you are packing for your trip that you bring a pair of binoculars and that you head to a good lookout point early in the day rather than in the afternoon. This is the best time of the day to see birds as most species tend to be more active in the morning.

Pumpkin Picking

Mom and daughter at a pumpkin patch

Usually located in the same areas as apple orchards, pumpkin picking and carving is also a great way to spend a fall day with family. Whether you pick them yourself or bring some smaller sized pumpkins from home, carving pumpkins by the campfire can be a great activity for all ages. They can even be used as miniature lanterns to decorate the campsite.

Apple Picking

Apple picking season is upon us! Fall is the prime season for apple picking and types of apples that will be very popular include McIntosh, Red Delicious, and Granny Smith to name a few. Luckily, many Ontario parks are located very close to apple orchards, and some even have them on their own properties. Check if the campground you are visiting has an orchard nearby before you plan your visit. Apple picking is a great way to spend a fall morning or afternoon with family or friends. It transforms a walk through scenic fields into a fun filled adventure that has become a fall tradition for many. Picking a few bushels of freshly handpicked apples is great for any camping trip. Just make sure you wash them before you eat them! Usually accompanied with petting zoos, carriage rides, artisanal homemade farm products, and freshly baked goods, this activity is a must for any fall camping trip.

Leaf Collecting

Mom and daughter collecting fall leaves

One fun activity for families to take part in is leaf collecting. With a wide range of various colours and shapes, making a leaf collection is a great way to keep children entertained for an afternoon. Go on the hunt for different types of leaves and maybe even bring a leaf-identifying book to find out about the different trees. For young children, it might even be a good idea to bring some arts and craft supplies for some nature themed art projects. This activity is sure to get you in the fall spirit!


Ontario parks offer some of the best canoeing locations in the world. Check out if the park that you are visiting offers any canoe trails and plan accordingly. Depending on the park, you can either bring your own canoe or rent one. This is an amazing way to see the beautiful scenery and nature of Ontario parks. The fall will bring calm waters and amazing sights. Canoeing is key for any fall camping adventure.