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4 Amazing Ways To Wash Your Clothes While Camping!

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The sport and the adventure of camping are going to get you and your clothes dirty. Having dirty clothes won’t be a problem for the single or couple day long camper; but a week or month-long trip will require those dirty clothes will need to be cleaned. Whether you are at a provincial park or car camping crown land, we have some solutions for you to help you to get those clothes clean!

4 Cool Ways To Wash Clothes. Person hand washing clothes in a bucket

1. Buy Portable Washing Machines

If you know that the trip is going to be long, then make sure you buy one of these. There is always an option to get your clothes washed in the nearest laundromat or at the camping ground if they have machines. Although, if you are in the deep wilderness, then the portable washing machine will save you! The one we selected is run by people power but there are some that run on batteries or from a USB cable.

2. Using a Plastic Bag

One of the most popular methods of washing clothes while camping is here! Carry along several plastic bags. Pour in hot water, your dirty clothes, and a little amount of soap/detergent in the bag. Don’t fill it up to the surface, rather, only halfway through. Now tie it from above, and spin it, shake it, and squish it until it tires you. This process will give you clean clothes for sure!

3. Hand Wash Method

The traditional way of washing clothes is also one preferred by campers. However, make sure that you don’t use the Hand Wash Method near a stream or river. The detergent and soaps can harm the environment, so collect the water and other essentials, like your washing board, away from the lake/river. Spend some time washing clothes in an old-fashioned way using your hands, and ensure 100% cleanliness on the spot.

Hand with soap bubbles in it

4. Using Campfire

This method is for the more adventurous camper. As this is a very natural methods it is the safest for the environment. You need to mix warm water and copse ash inside a big container or plastic bag. Now add in the small amount of oil(like coconut oil) to give it a soap-like texture. Apply this onto the dirty clothes before rinsing them, and soon you’ll have your clothes clean!

All campers should wear quick-dry fabric clothes while out in the woods. Fabrics like nylon soak the water better and dry faster in the least amount of sunlight. This makes washing your clothes less of a chore. Having clean clothes on a trip can seem magical and be uplifting.