The 5 Best Fall Camping Destinations in Ontario

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The fall is one of the best seasons in Canada to enjoy the beautiful nature that we are spoiled with. The common thought that camping trips should only be scheduled in the summer months is completely inaccurate. In fact, many Canadian campers think that the fall is the most ideal time to book a camping trip.

5 Best Fall Camping Destinations in Ontario

With weather that is not too hot and not too cold, as well as many other advantages such as smaller crowds, no bugs, and the incredible fall colours that decorate the trees, fall might just be the ideal time to venture out into the Canadian wilderness. There’s nothing like sitting by a fire on a cool night drinking a hot chocolate under a starry sky. If you are looking for some pristine camping spots this fall, look no further. Here is a list of some of the best areas in Ontario to explore in the fall.

Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney Provincial Park

As an area that has long been an inspiration for various Group of Seven works, the beauty of Killarney Provincial Park is unparalleled. Killarney is known for its unbelievable lookout points and the view of the trees in the fall weather. The white quartzite ridges and clear blue lake go along perfectly with the red, yellow, and orange tints of the trees and bushes to give you the very best of Canadian fall. Some of the most ideal ways to explore this park is by following one of the many hiking paths, or by taking a scenic canoe ride. Many of the campgrounds are also open year-round for RV camping so this park is perfect for a fall camping trip. Just 10km away from the park is the historic village of Killarney that dates back to 1820 when it was used as a fur trading post. This is home to the famous Herbert Fisheries fish and chips restaurant that is sure to warm your insides on a cool fall afternoon.

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is one of the most famous parks in Canada. With a variety of campgrounds to choose from, there are many ways to experience this beautiful environment. The park is filled with nature and contains a plethora of rocky ridges, lakes, and maple hills that look especially impressive with the tint of fall colours.

A plethora of rocky ridges, lakes, and maple hills

During a stay at Algonquin, campers can hike one of the 14 trails, go fishing for trout, go mountain biking, or even spot moose and other animals. Algonquin is a perfect place to visit in the fall as with so many outdoor activities, the cooler weather won’t be as exhausting for campers to stay out for long periods of time. With an excellent Visitor Centre, Art Centre, and Logging Museum, there will always be things to explore in Algonquin.

Arrowhead Provincial Park

Arrowhead Provincial Park

Located in the heart of Muskoka, Arrowhead is a perfect alternative to its usually more crowded neighbour park; Algonquin Provincial Park. Arrowhead is made up of beautiful outdoor scenery consisting of private campgrounds and a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking. Quiet motorboat-free lakes help make Arrowhead a natural haven. If you are visiting in the fall, be sure to check out the Big Bend Lookout for an amazing view of the Big East River and the yellow and orange colours of the Muskoka forest.

Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Provincial Park is very well known for its 100m high Mazinaw Rock with over 260 original Indigenous pictographs. This represents the largest collection of pictographs in Canada and is definitely a sight to see. Bon Echo offers various campsites with car and walk-in camping, cabins, RV camping, back-country camping, and even canoe-in and hike-in sites. The scenery is fantastic and various lookout points help campers experience the true beauty of this park, especially in the fall weather.

Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico is famous for its incredible variety of winding rivers and streams and its quiet lakes found within the thick, nature filled forest that surrounds the park. Many people come from all over Canada to canoe here as the scenery is unmatched. With over 2000 lakes and never-ending forestry, this park is ideal for backcountry camping. With cooler air, no bugs, and beautiful colours, the fall might be the best time to experience the magic of Quetico Provincial Park.

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