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First-Aid Kit Checklist For Campers!

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When camping, it’s always best to be prepared for anything. Unfortunately, this also includes injury. A well packed first-aid kit is essential for treating any camping related ailment. To help you get started, we have created a camping first aid checklist for you to use when packing for your next trip.


These can deal with normal scratches of thorns, bushes, or cuts. Some bandages that you may want to bring are:

person wrapping bandage around finger


For more severe injuries and burns, ointments will provide the essential relief immediately. Depending on the injury, you may need one of the following:


A variety of sprays are helpful to have on hand. Sprains due to twisting of a foot or wrist are common for campers during their outdoor adventures and can be quite irritating if left unattended, but if sprayed with a sprain reliever the pain will subside in just a few hours. Other sprays are used to relieve different ailments such as sunburns. The most common sprays available in the market are :


Medicines provide quick relief to acute pains, allergic reactions, and digestive problems. When setting up your first aid kit, make sure to include these medicines in your list:

Generic Medication bottle in background blurry

Additional Items in Your First Aid Kit

Despite all the other types of medicines, you may end up in a situation where none of the above serve your purpose. In that case, these additional products might be what you need:

person applying hand sanitizer

It must be noted that the first-aid kit should always contain the prescribed medicines for every traveler. When missing out on regular medicine, camping can be quite stressful and may give you a homesick feeling.

With this camping first aid kit checklist, you can easily survive through possible injuries that you may encounter on your adventures. The medical waste bags are an important addition because you don’t want to be littering. Create your own essential first-aid kit and enjoy your camping adventures worry-free.