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    Trailer Parks Canada

    The Magazine, Ontario Edition

    Trailer Parks Canada Magazine

    Why in the world are we producing a magazine in 2021?!

    With so much focus on the online world today, the Trailer Parks Canada magazine encourages readers to unplug, get outside, and enjoy the beautiful country that we live in. It is a tactile resource filled with interesting tips, tricks, and information that campers can take with them on any camping trip. The magazine is directly affiliated with the upcoming campsite and trailer park directory website, With great reads, interviews, a kid’s section, checklists, and other fun surprises, this magazine becomes a part of what makes the camping experience so great for the whole family.

    Trailer Parks Canada Magazine inside

    Who is Trailer Parks Canada’s Audience?

    TPC Magazine reaches an audience of 5,000 per issue providing useful industry related information to avid, active camping families and Canadian individual campers. As part of a larger brand, Trailer Parks Canada creates unique, intriguing content about all aspects of Canadian Camping proving to increase retention and continue readership. In short, campers view our magazine as a keeper and go back to it over and over. We recognize our audience and take extra time to produce rich content that attracts families and Canadian campers so we can get your message and brand to the right audiences. The Trailer Parks Canada website and magazine are Canada’s #1 resource for camping content for all ages and truly are the driving forces for Canada’s camping search engine.

    Distribution: 5,000 in Ontario

    The Trailer Parks Canada magazine will be mailed directly to 5,000 campers across Ontario. Our growth plan will then help us double our distribution within our first year of publishing, connecting us with many more campers and help our reach expand across the country and into other provinces as well.

    Readership Frequency: 3.5 times

    Our studies show that Trailer Parks Canada Magazine readers retain each issue for a minimum of 6 months and read our magazines up to 3.5 times per household.

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    • Inside Front Cover (full) $5,000
    • Page 3 (full) $5,000
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    • TOC Bundle (banner & full) $5,000
    • Inside Back Cover $4,500
    • Back Cover (full) $7,000
    • Feature Sponsors (eighth) $700
    • Standard Full Page $3,000
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