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Best Camping Activities For Kids

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Bringing your kids along camping in Canada is lots of fun for all! It is an opportunity where the kids can play and learn together while connecting with nature. Children are energetic and like to run around all day, so we have compiled a list of our favourite ways to channel that energy and tire them out before bedtime. Read on for some awesome camping activities to keep the kids engaged throughout the trip!

Best Campint Activities For Kids Kid looking across lake


You can organize mini-sports events to keep the kids engaged for hours. Include Tug of War, Ring Toss, Relay Race, Cornhole, and Volleyball. There will be some kids who won’t be so athletic, so don’t forget to include some easier games like Stepping Stones, Hide and Seek, and Ghost in the Graveyard!

Learning To Build A Campfire

Kids love to explore and learn new skills. Building a fire can be tricky even for adults, but if you can teach them the exact process, then it will be a great activity for kids. If you are camping in Canada, several campsites will be in the middle of the wilderness, where you can safely light a fire and teach the kids, too!

Young Child Learning to Build Campfire

Scavenger Hunt

This is a definite crowd pleaser, and it gives children the chance to explore and learn new things! Ask your kids to gather a list of things found in nature. Include specific types of leaves, wood, rocks, you name it! You can also hide some objects for them to find around, and the first one to bring them back wins! There are many ways to make a scavenger hunt interesting, and it is one of the best camping activities for kids.

Landscape Colouring

At the end of the afternoon, gather the kids to draw the sunset or the lake with all the clouds overhead. You will have to pack along some drawing materials and colours so that the kids can spend some time being creative with their art!

Two kids sitting hammock


In our busy lives, we rarely get the chance to hear what the kids have to say. Camping is the best time to get to know their thoughts. Encourage them to share a story or an incident with your camping group around the fire. You’ll learn so much more about the kids and their interests.

These activities are ideal for a two-day camp at any site of your choice. It is a fact that kids lighten up the mood of every occasion. Next time you go camping in Canada, make sure to count the kids in. It will indeed be a memorable experience for all.